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Care information choices

Provides data on the number of patients who have opted out of sharing their personal information for purposes other than direct care.

There are two ways in which a patient can opt out of sharing their personal information:

  •  A type 1 opt out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other than direct care.
  •  A type 2 opt out prevents information being shared outside NHS Digital for purposes beyond the individual's direct care.

    What you can find out

    This report contains information on the number of patient type 2 opt outs as a percentage of patients registered at Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England where patient opt out information has been received from GP practices for the latest reporting month.

    What the report can't tell you

    No data relating to type 1 out outs are included in this report. Information on the number of type 1 opt outs received are available in the main care information choices publications.

    Why do we collect this information?

    We collect and publish data about how many people have registered a type 1 or type 2 opt-out to monitor levels of opt-outs by GP Practice and to help our customers understand the potential implications of type 2 opt-outs on the data that they receive.

    We publish this information because the Department of Health, on behalf of the Secretary of State, directed NHS Digital to start a data collection to receive special opt-out to uphold patients' right to opt out of data sharing as stated in the NHS Constitution, and to monitor the rate of patient opt-outs as recommendation by the 2013 Caldicott Review.

    People can also use it to ensure their GP practice is providing data as part of this collection to enable their type 2 opt-out to be held by NHS Digital.

    We publish this information four times a year.

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