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Data tools and services

Our data tools allow you to access, review, monitor and extract data for analysis and reporting.

Together with our systems and services, these tools help health and care professionals maintain and manage the information they need.

Tools for accessing data

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF)

This indicator set measures the success of social services in providing better care for people with support needs. Data is provided at council, regional and national level.

Hospital Estates and Facilities Statistics

We publish annual data on estates and facilities in the Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC).

Indicator Portal

This brings a range of health indicators together in one place, providing quick and easy access to around 1,900 indicators.


Our online data comparison tool allows you to extract information, create tables and generate graphs to meet your needs.

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Tools for submitting data

Clinical Audit Platform

We provide a single, secure web-based platform that is easily accessible for anyone who is submitting data for clinical audits or registries.

Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT)

Our system can be used to securely transfer data in and out of NHS Digital.

NHS Safety Thermometer

Our improvement tool is used to measure, monitor and analyse patient harm and 'harm free' care.

Estates Returns Information Collection (ERIC)

We support the main central data collection for estates and facilities services from the NHS.

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Data services

General Practice (GP) Collections

We collect information from GPs across the UK for use in planning, research and generating payments.

Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) Online Database

This online database allows patients and the public easy access to data that indicates how well their surgery is doing.

National Casemix Office

The National Casemix Office designs and refines classifications that are used by the NHS in England to describe healthcare activity.


The Personal Demographics Service (PDS) is a national authoritative source of patient demographics data for the whole of the NHS.

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