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General Practice Data Hub

The General Practice Data hub publishes data at General Practice (GP) level. This data is published under the open data licence. The GP data hub has been designed to provide users with information about GP practices, at GP practice level.

The GP data hub includes data on a number of topics. Over time we expect to add more data sources to this hub to give users more information about their practice from one place.

You can find out more by opening any of the links displayed below.

Open the Quality Outcomes Framework report        

Open the workforce data report                                                        

Open the GP list size report

Open the health and care of people with learning disabilities in the GP practice report

We're keen to get feedback from users and interested parties to help us develop the General Practice Data Hub. Please complete our feedback form  it only takes a couple of minutes.

We've also provided some supporting information about each of the GP data hubs below. 

Quality Outcomes Framework in the GP data hub

The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) collects data from GP practices about the conditions and lifestyle factors that affect their patients, and how well they are helping them.

Workforce data in the GP data hub

Workforce data provides workforce information for GP practices in England. You can search this report for information using either your practice name or practice code.

GP list size in the GP data hub

The GP List size report provides quarterly information on the number of patients registered at a GP Practice by age or gender.

Health and care of people with learning disabilities in the GP practice data hub

You can use this report to compare health conditions of people registered with a GP practice and people who are recorded as having learning disabilities at a GP practice.

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